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5 Days / Week
$125 / day
October: Newborn Nurse for San Mateo, CA Family
Child Care in San Mateo, CA, USA
October: Baby Nurse Needed For Newborn In San Mateo Hi! We are expecting our first baby in mid October. We are looking for a full time nanny (day and night) who can come stay with us and help out ...
5 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Looking for maternity nanny 想誠徵通勤月嫂/ day nanny
Child Care in Bellevue, WA, USA
大家好 想誠徵通勤月嫂 (looking for maternity care confinement lady or day nanny. Live in not required) 預產期:2020年 Nov / oct 家中成員:我和我先生(新手爸媽),新生兒 語言:國語和英...
5 Days / Week
$2300 / month
looking for a live in nanny in dallas 达拉斯找住家阿姨
Child Care in Coppell, TX, USA
住在Dallas,小孩女三个月、还有一个小孩女8岁. 阿姨有独立的房间和洗手间. 阿姨只需要照顾这个小婴儿。 Looking for a nanny who can take care of a 3 months old baby. 达拉斯找住家阿姨住家, 一周5...
6 Days / Week
$16 / hour
Cantonese Nanny 尋保姆(粵語)
Child Care in Sunnyvale, CA, USA
We live in Mountain View and are looking for a loving nanny that speaks Cantonese fluently starting in July. Our two sons are 3 years and 8 months old. The older one already speaks Cantonese; we wa...
7 Days / Week
$5000 / month
Looking for 月嫂 / newborn care 找月嫂/新生儿护理
Child Care in New York, NY, USA
Looking to hire a full-time live-in 月嫂 / newborn caretaker for a 3-month-old newborn. Initial responsibilities will include diaper changes, sterilizing baby bottles, helping with bottle feeding, ...
7 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Looking for experienced maternity matron 找经验丰富的月嫂
Child Care in New York, NY, USA
生产的妈妈喜欢南方食物。 希望找个经验丰富和爱宝宝的月嫂 来家里帮忙3个月。 月嫂主要负责妈妈和宝宝的起居生活。 负责半夜起夜喂奶,给妈妈做月子餐。具体日程生活安排可细聊。 the mother who recently ga...
5 Days / Week
$2200 / month
Looking for a baby sitter until the end of July 给一岁多宝宝请育儿阿姨到7月底
Child Care in Carrollton, TX, USA
能够尽快开始最好。只需要照顾宝宝 preferably someone who can start immediately. Just need to take care of the baby.
5 Days / Week
$3000 / month
Looking for a nanny Los Angeles CA 加州洛杉矶找陪宝宝睡觉阿姨
Child Care in Los Angeles, CA, USA
找阿姨晚上陪一个月大宝宝睡觉,一周5天,晚上9点到早上6点,尽快开始。有兴趣的阿姨请联系。 【加州找陪夜阿姨】找阿姨照顾1个月大宝宝,只需要晚上陪宝宝睡觉,不需要做其他家务,一周5天,9PM-6AM,尽快开...
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