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6 Days / Week
$150 / day
USA Kansas. take care of a month old baby 美国堪萨斯州带满月宝宝 -
Child Care in Kansas City, KS, USA
美国堪萨斯州,马上要人,一家三口,主带满月宝宝,薪资26000-32000/26天,附近阿姨请联系 。 USA Kansas, urgently hiring, a family of three, take are of a baby Salary 26000-32000/26 days. Any nanny ...
7 Days / Week
$5500 / month
USA Chicago, due on August 7 美国芝加哥,8月7号预产期
Child Care in Chicago, IL, USA
美国芝加哥,8月7号预产期,月嫂用一个月,要求阿姨有经验,有爱心,爱干净,细心,薪资5000-5500美金/26天 USA Chigago, due on August 7. Matron needed for 1 month, should have related experience in prov...
1 Days / Week
$3000 / month
USA Irvine 美国尔湾
Child Care in Irvine, CA, USA
需要一位全职阿姨照顾一位15个月宝宝 Need a full time nanny to take care a 15 month old baby
7 Days / Week
$2500 / month
Live-in Nanny for One Year Old Boy 住家保姆为1岁男孩
Child Care in Austin, TX, USA
Full-time care for one-year-old boy. Responsibilities include: Austin family needs a full-time nanny for a 1-year-old boy. Duties: Meal prep, feeding, diaper change, bath, clean up after bab...
7 Days / Week
$2500 / month
Salary TBD on Experience and Days of Work, Seeking Full Time Live In Mandarin Speaking Nanny
Child Care in Austin, TX, USA
Nanny should have experience with newborns and have experience in helping the mother with the first month of recovery. Cooking and helping with housework is part of the duties. Comfortable with on...
7 Days / Week
$2400 / month
Austin 找住家阿姨照顾一个月大宝宝 Stay in nanny to take care of 1 month old baby
Child Care in Austin, TX, USA
【Austin 找住家阿姨】双职工家庭,无老人。家里一个孩子,1个月大,阿姨需要住家,可以周一到周日全住家,也可以只是周一到周五。阿姨会有自己卧室和洗手间。需要阿姨照顾孩子和做晚饭,开始日期越快越好。薪资...
5 Days / Week
$2000 / month
Stay in nanny 住家保姆
Child Care in Dallas, TX, USA
主要照顾1岁半的女儿,同时辅助照顾刚出生的儿子. Need to take care of 1yr old and a half baby and help the new mother at the same time.
7 Days / Week
$4000 / month
Looking for care service for infants (stay in) 请住家育儿嫂
Child Care in New York, NY, USA
要求健康证,最好从上一个住家直接接过来,减少疫情带来的风险。时间价格灵活。 Should have health certificate. Preferably someone who had worked as a stay in nanny to mitigate the risk of being infe...
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