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7 Days / Week
$5000 / month
Looking for a nanny in California's bay area 加州湾区找月嫂
Child Care in Santa Clara, CA, USA
希望找一个耐心的阿姨帮忙照顾出生小孩和母亲 Hope to find a patient nanny to help take care of the baby and mother
2 Days / Week
$4000 / month
Looking for a nanny 找月嫂或者保姆
Child Care in Tyler, TX, USA
3月初需要,时间可以是1-3个月,至少一个月。1个月月嫂,头胎,单胎。如果愿意,继续做2个月保姆。住家。家里基本只有我产妇一个人,住家环境温馨,人员简单。如有意者,可直接打我电话 Needed to start on Ma...
5 Days / Week
$110 / day
Looking for a nanny who can cook and do household work找做饭家务带娃阿姨
Child Care in Allen, TX, USA
全职半职都可以,天薪时薪也都行。 如果是通勤阿姨希望可以从中午做到晚上八点左右。 老大27个月白天上幼儿园,老二一个月 Can be full-time or part-time. Daily or Hourly pay is also okay. If stay-out...
4 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Looking for nanny to take care of the baby 请照顾婴儿的阿姨
Child Care in Jersey City, NJ, USA
家里近path或轻轨,交通非常便利。希望阿姨有带孩子经验,有耐心和爱心。保持家里公共区域清洁,准备简单晚餐。具体可详谈。 Our house is near path or railway. Transportation is convenient. We're lookin...
7 Days / Week
$15 / hour
HK parents with twin babies returning to SF 香港父母跟一对双胞胎婴儿返回旧金山
Child Care in San Mateo, CA, USA
need to help with putting babies to sleep 需要帮助婴儿入睡
2 Days / Week
$25 / hour
Looking for a housekeeper to help care for the baby a few hours a week 寻找家政阿姨每周帮忙照顾baby几个小时
Child Care in San Jose, CA, USA
也希望能帮忙做一点简单的清洁家务 also hope that someone can do simple houseworks
7 Days / Week
$4000 / day
Looking for Taiwanese Nanny 找台湾月嫂
Child Care in Houston, TX, USA
需要有5年以上经验,喜欢孩子 should have 5 years+ working experience. likes children
5 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Bethesda 找阿姨 looking for nanny
Child Care in Rockville, MD, USA
最好有经验 面议. should have related experience. to discuss personally
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