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7 Days / Week
$25 / hour
Child Care in Newark, New Jersey, USA
你好!我们正在为我们的家庭寻找一名月嫂,这个职位在美国新泽西州Glen Ridge,住家或通勤,每周7天,每天8小时,每小时25美元,灵活。理想的候选人需要会说中文普通话,基本英文,并能照顾小婴儿,婴儿,幼儿。...
7 Days / Week
$25 / hour
Child Care in Richardson, Texas, USA
Searching for FULL-TIME, LONG-TERM nanny starting around mid-August in Richardson! About Us: My husband and I are having our first baby girl this summer and both work full time so we are looking...
5 Days / Week
$20 / hour
Child Care in Wichita, Kansas, USA
Hi - we are looking for someone who can speak a second language to care for our families on the platform. If you have caregiving experience in the following categories, and/or can speak another lan...
6 Days / Week
$6500 / month
Child Care in San Francisco, California, USA
7 Days / Week
$3000 / month
Child Care in Houston, Texas, USA
clean, patient, detail, responsible and accountable 干净,有耐心,细致,有责任心
7 Days / Week
$6000 / month
Child Care in Columbus, Ohio, USA
你好!我们正在寻找月嫂. 这个职位是在 4770 Ray Boll Boulevard, 哥倫布印第安納美國, 都可以, 7 每周天数,费率为 $6000 月薪. 候选人需要讲 普通話, 或粵語 语言,并具會一點英语。最好的开始日期是2022-08-08...
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