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6 Days / Week
$3000 / month
Take care of elderly 照顧老人
Senior Care in Fremont, CA, USA
工作是照顧老人,做饭打扫卫生,接送去看醫生, 允許合法工作.需要報稅 The works is to take care of the elderly, prepare meals, do the cleaning, pick up/drop off to meet the doctor. allowed to work legally.
6 Days / Week
$2600 / month
Senior care needed 看护老人工作
Senior Care in Allen, TX, USA
Allen - Stay in nanny. Mainly take care of grandma. Need to be seen in the same room with grandma. Prepare meals and do simple chores. 6 days a week. 2600. The nanny should be healthy, should have ...
7 Days / Week
$5000 / month
Take care of 57 yr old. Salary is negotiable 照顾57岁中年人价格可商议
Senior Care in Edison, NJ, USA
照顾洗澡会做饭有驾照者优先 take care,take a bath, prepare meals. someone with driver's license is preferred.
7 Days / Week
$17 / hour
My cousin has pulled a muscle in Seattle and need someone to take care of her表妹在西雅图肌肉拉伤,需要生活料理人员
Senior Care in Seattle, WA, USA
诚征善良,耐心,会烹饪的阿姨照料需平躺静养3个月的表妹。希望可以做饭,简单清洁,提供照料陪伴的阿姨。急需!非常感谢!薪资可谈!待遇从优! Looking for a nanny who is kind and patient to take care o...
3 Days / Week
$15 / week
Looking for caregiver (诚聘护理家政)
Senior Care in Flushing, NY, USA
Looking for caregiver (诚聘护理家政)
3 Days / Week
$25 / hour
Looking for adult babysitter (诚聘成人保姆)
Senior Care in Houston, TX, USA
I am looking for care for a 40-year-old male. He suffered a traumatic brain injury over 20 yrs ago. this will be very similar as if you were watching a toddler age boy. He likes to play with toys c...
7 Days / Week
$2000 / month
Looking for Mandarin Speaking Caregiver (诚聘会普通话的看护人)
Senior Care in Houston, TX, USA
在完成癌症治疗期间,请帮助他两三个月。 (Please help him for two or three months while he finishes cancer treatment.)
7 Days / Week
$2800 / month
Looking for live-in experience caregiver (住家老人护理保姆)
Senior Care in Pasadena, CA, USA
Taking care of a 78-year-old man who has just finished the surgery, live-in, 24-hour take care and simple housework. (照顾78岁刚做完手腕接骨的老人 住家 24小时护理和简单的家务)
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