Find a Senior Care Job Close to You

6 Days / Week
$115 / day
Senior Care in Oakland, California, USA
7 Days / Week
$180 / day
Senior Care in Los Angeles, California, USA
加利福尼亚5口之家,找2位通勤阿姨,照顾71岁老人(女),一周工作7天,从周一到周五工作时间是早上8点到下午4点,晚上12点到早上8点。8小时两班轮流。周六周日只需要夜班。工资:$150 - $180/天
7 Days / Week
$20 / hour
Senior Care in New York, New York, USA
Hello, we’re looking for someone who is available to care for 2 seniors in need of home cooked meals for delivery in the union square area. Please contact me if you are available ASAP. Thanks.
3 Days / Week
$18 / hour
Senior Care in Orange County, California, USA
要求: 30岁以上女性,通晓中文(普通话),可使用英文做日常沟通,持有加州驾照。 工作内容: (1)每周一、三、五上午4小时(时间可议,以上午为主)至家中陪同女性长辈。 (2)准备早餐、协助长辈料理午餐(以...
5 Days / Week
$13 / hour
Senior Care in Frisco, Texas, USA
Looking for a caregiver who is experienced with caring for aging lady including bathing, dressing, toileting, medication reminders, meal preparation and light housekeeping. Ability to speak Urdu is...
7 Days / Week
$200 / day
Senior Care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
我爸有癌症,身体弱。找人住在我们家,没车没问题,我们可以送师傅来接你。家里只有我爸,但是我住在附近。你有自己的卧房和洗手间。需要你提醒他吃药,偶尔帮他洗澡,打扫,炒菜等等。爸爸会说普通话和英语。 ...
6 Days / Week
$2800 / month
Senior Care in Allen, Texas, USA
Allen - live in nanny. Prepare meals and do simple chores. 6 days a week. 2600-2800. The nanny should be healthy, should have a medical report. 【Allen找住家阿姨】照顧老人家、煮飯、清潔廚房、洗...
3 Days / Week
$20 / hour
Senior Care in Houston, Texas, USA
Mom isn't doing too well. Will need some help to get her organized in her house. Could be helping her to clean up, help with cooking, talk to her, etc she lives in a town that is very close to Dayt...
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