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5 Days / Week
$100 / day
Looking for a male caregiver (协助男看护照顾白人老人)
Senior Care in Houston, TX, USA
Looking for a male caregiver take care of an old man. Located in Cypress, TX 77429, and stay in all-inclusive plus daily salary (negotiable). Does not stay, the hourly salary is $10. Simple family ...
7 Days / Week
$3500 / month
Looking for caregiver for elderly care (请照顾老人的阿姨)
Senior Care in Berkeley, CA, USA
I need a female care giver to help taking care of my mom, who is 81 years old in wheelchair (我需要一位女护理员帮助照顾我81岁坐轮椅的妈妈)
7 Days / Week
$30000 / year
Seeking inhome caregiver for elder (在家庭照顾者寻求长辈)
Senior Care in Philadelphia, PA, USA
Live-in caregiver for one elderly person. (为一位老人提供住家照顾者。)
5 Days / Week
$200 / week
Seeking Caregiver for Cancer patient -73yr old Malaysian male (寻求照顾癌症的患者-73岁的马来西亚男性)
Senior Care in West Covina, CA, USA
Hello, my Dad has cancer and is going through treatment. Need someone to some a few hours a day, eat, cook, meal prep, and hang with him. He is still self-sufficient, yet chemo makes him weak. ...
3 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Caregiver for stroke patient (中风患者的照顾者)
Senior Care in San Jose, CA, USA
Looking for some help around the house for my 65 year old mom who had a stroke a year ago. (为一年前中风的65岁妈妈寻找一些帮助。) Light housecleaning, errands, cooking or meal prep and compa...
2 Days / Week
$12 / day
Urgent find a caregiver (急找保姆)
Senior Care in West Covina, CA, USA
Who is specialized in taking care of sickness is better (谁专门照顾病症更好)
7 Days / Week
$140 / day
Looking for an Experienced Chinese Male Caregiver (寻找经验丰富的中国男性看护人)
Senior Care in Irvine, CA, USA
We are looking for a male experienced caregiver to assist my father who had a stroke in 2017 and needs total assistance now. He has a trach and a gtube. His left side is paralyzed. (我们正在寻...
2 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Care for elderly mother with cancer (照顧有癌症的母親)
Senior Care in Plano, TX, USA
Need weekend care for elderly mother (需要周末照顾年迈的母亲)
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