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1 Days / Week
$100 / day
Live in Chinese Care giver for grandma in Woodhaven, NY (住在纽约Woodhaven的奶奶中国护理员)
Senior Care in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Cantonese or Mandarin speaking, home bound grandma need a live-in maid. Can work temporary or long term (粤语或普通话,家庭奶奶需要一个住家女佣。 可以临时或长期工作)
7 Days / Week
$1600 / month
Senior Care in Lafayette, LA, USA
7 Days / Week
$0 / hour
Part time home caregiver (兼职家庭照顾者)
Senior Care in Bellevue, WA, USA
Look for a reliable female home caregiver, a Christian prefer. (寻找可靠的女性家庭照顾者,基督徒更喜欢。)
2 Days / Week
$12 / hour
Senior Care in Plano, TX, USA
目前只周末2天,每天10.5小时,如果以后双方觉得合适,可增至一周三天以上37小时。要能报税。 联系人:Julia
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