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5 Days / Week
$80 / day
Simple lunch and dinner for two (简单两人中餐和晚餐)
Home Care in San Jose, CA, USA
Based on pregnant women to cook her preference, cook lunch and dinner on weekdays. No additional housework needed. 女方为孕妇,有求会搭配食物,每周工作日的中餐和晚餐。不需另做家务。
7 Days / Week
$3500 / month
Looking for Housekeeping Nutritionist (需求家政营养师)
Home Care in Rochester, MN, USA
Better to have own transport Must pay attention to nutrition when cooking 最好有交通工具 平时做饭一定要注重营养
5 Days / Week
$20 / hour
Boston, Waltham looking for a babysitter, price is negotiable, requires cooking and simple housekeeping (it's very clean) (波士顿地区Waltham诚聘保姆,价格可议,要求做饭和简单收拾一下家(本身很干净))
Home Care in Boston, MA, USA
Need health check proves that it can cook for adults and children (there is one child over 1 year old). 健康体检证明,可以做大人和小孩子的饭(家里有1个1岁多的小孩)。
6 Days / Week
$3500 / month
Looking for live-in caregiver (招聘住家保姆)
Home Care in Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Need to be a woman, location in Cupertino 需要是女的, 地点在Cupertino
3 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Recruiting housekeeper in part time, Staten Isaland 10309 (招聘清洁钟点工一位,价格面议)
Home Care in New York, NY, USA
My family is very simple, no kids yet, only one cat, I’m Chinese, so Chinese sister is more preferred to me. 我是中国人,家庭主妇,刚搬家到纽约的斯特丹岛,房子大约120平,家庭成员简单,两夫妻,...
2 Days / Week
$10 / hour
Looking for weekend housekeeper, cook and clean (诚聘周末打扫卫生加做饭的阿姨)
Home Care in Austin, TX, USA
There is also a 1-year-old child at home who may occasionally need to bring a child. 家里还有个1岁的孩子,可能偶尔需要带一下孩子。
2 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Looking for help to cook and get kids ready to bed (诚聘做饭阿姨和让孩子准备上床睡觉)
Home Care in Coppell, TX, USA
I'm looking for some help to prepare dinner every Tuesday and Thursday and get our kids ready to bed. Typically starts at 5pm and ends at 8pm 我正在寻找做饭阿姨,每个星期二和星期四准备晚餐,并使...
6 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Looking for housekeeper Brooklyn Bay Pkwy,work hourly, cook, clean, time flexible (布鲁克林Bay Pkwy请钟点工 做饭打扫卫生 时间灵活)
Home Care in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Bay Pkwy, Brooklyn, usually prepares meals, cleans the house (two floors), and cleans the office (one day a week, with a car transfer). 布鲁克林Bay Pkwy,平时准备点饭菜,家里打扫卫生(两层),办...
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