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4 Days / Week
$35 / day
Looking for a caregiver who can cook (诚聘做饭阿姨)
Home Care in Carrollton, TX, USA
I am looking for a caregiver who can cook dinner. From Monday to Friday, starting from mid-August, location at Carrollton, PM me if interested, thank you! (诚聘一位能做晚饭的阿姨,周一到周五,从...
5 Days / Week
$25 / hour
Looking for a caregiver who can cook, a taste of Jiangsu and Zhejiang (寻烧饭阿姨,江浙口味)
Home Care in Oakland, CA, USA
Mainly on the working day to prepare dinner on the same day and lunch on the next day, we are a family of three, the children do not eat spicy. At the same time help to walking the dog, a very doci...
6 Days / Week
$0 / month
Looking for family care (诚聘家族护理)
Home Care in Austin, TX, USA
Laundry Preparing meals Cooking Chores Such as grocery shopping, etc. Housekeeping (洗衣 准备饭菜 煮饭 帮其他杂事差事 如买菜,购物等 收拾屋子)
1 Days / Week
$25 / hour
Hire a cleaning worker (聘请清洁阿姨)
Home Care in Philadelphia, PA, USA
The cleaning area is 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchen living room stairs. The current cleaning frequency is 2 weeks. Just clean and don't have to cook and not live in, once every 2-3 hours. T...
6 Days / Week
$3000 / month
Home in Houston, looking for a caregiver in north China who can cook (家在休斯顿,找会做饭的北方阿姨)
Home Care in Sugar land, TX, USA
Need to find a caregiver who can cook Northeastern China dish, need to have the experience, clean and capable. 4 adults at home and a little baby. Need to have an identity and not live in. 100 USD ...
5 Days / Week
$0 / hour
Dallas Frisco, please work by hours 达拉斯frisco请钟点工
Home Care in Frisco, TX, USA
需要暑假期间上门准备饭菜,打扫卫生以及整理, 请速联系 Need someone who can prepare meals, clean and other arrangements during summer vacation. Please contact me ASAP.
6 Days / Week
$450 / week
Fun, loving Ayi (有趣,爱阿姨)
Home Care in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Looking for a lovely Ayi for a young family. Kids are fun and kind and need someone who speaks fluent Mandarin. (为一个年轻的家庭寻找一个可爱的阿姨。 孩子们很有趣,很善良,需要一个能说流利普通话...
5 Days / Week
$20 / hour
Seeking full time nanny for 18months old (寻求18个月大的全职保姆)
Home Care in Chicago, IL, USA
We are a young family living in the north suburbs of Chicago (just north of Evanston). We are looking for someone to provide full-time care for our energetic 18months old. Experience with a young...
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