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5 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Looking for a nanny - Houston area 休斯顿诚聘通勤阿姨/保姆
Home Care in Houston, TX, USA
Healthy, clean and tidy, good culinary skill, time is flexible and negotiable 身体健康,干净整洁,厨艺好。时间灵活可商议。
5 Days / Week
$20 / hour
Looking for a nanny who can drive and prep meals 请会开车做饭的保姆
Home Care in Dallas, TX, USA
达拉斯75205区。 周一至周五每天下午来做晚饭和家务, 时间可灵活掌握。 每周两次洗衣服,毛巾,床单,烘干并整理。 保持厨房和起居室干净整洁。 要求讲究卫生,有责任心,能独立妥善解决家务问题。 路远可补贴油...
3 Days / Week
$17 / hour
诚招打掃/煮飯阿姨 威斯特徹斯特县(Westchester County)
Home Care in Yonkers, NY, USA
近Metro-North Rye Station (從中央車站40分鐘) 時間看阿姨通勤方便, 可議 薪資和工作詳情面議
5 Days / Week
$50 / day
Home Care in Overland Park, KS, USA
我們想請一位阿姨負責洗衣煮飯簡單打掃 偶而照看小孩 家中有四隻貓 需要愛貓人士 意者請聯繫 王小姐 謝謝
2 Days / Week
$30 / hour
Home Care in San Francisco, CA, USA
Looking for a long term Chinese housekeeper for a one-bedroom apartment. Comes 1-2 times per week, housekeeping/organization, cooking is a plus but not required. Wage negotiable. 三藩市Embacarde...
7 Days / Week
$3800 / month
Looking for a Chinese Nanny! (寻找中国保姆!)
Home Care in Seattle, WA, USA
My husband and I are expecting our first child in October 2019! We are looking for a Chinese nanny who can help with postpartum, newborn care and night nursing. We would love to get to know you ...
3 Days / Week
$0 / hour
Home Care in Baltimore, MD, USA
5 Days / Week
$25 / hour
Home Care in Rockville, MD, USA
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