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5 Days / Week
$100 / month
Pick up or drop off children 接送孩子
Family Assistance in Houston, TX, USA
Pick up or drop off children on time 守时 接送孩子
5 Days / Week
$10 / hour
Looking for a caregiver cooking and cleaning (诚聘做饭与打扫帮手)
Family Assistance in Dallas, TX, USA
Looking for a caregiver requires diligence, cleanliness, and Chinese and children's meals. Accommodation available. 要求勤快、爱干净、做中餐与小孩餐拿手。可提供住宿。
6 Days / Week
$20 / hour
American Family Looking for Chinese Teacher (Needs Relocation) (美国家庭找中文导师(需要搬迁))
Family Assistance in Chicago, IL, USA
In order to create a Chinese environment for the children in the family, only the children need to be taught Chinese. No need to look at children or housework. 5 to 6 days a week. flexible time. Si...
2 Days / Week
$1000 / hour
I am an independent contractor (我是独立承包商)
Family Assistance in Springfield, MA, USA
Nice to be with
3 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Looking for Nanny-tutor (诚聘保姆-家教)
Family Assistance in Miami, FL, USA
Hello, I am looking for a Chinese girl who speak mandarin as native language (not Cantonese) to play and interact with my 2 daughters. My kids have been learning mandarin through this method for 4 ...
6 Days / Week
$2000 / month
Family Assistance in Pittsburgh, PA, USA
5 Days / Week
$75 / week
Family Assistance in Houston, TX, USA
尋找一位司機每週一至五早上送兩個小孩(3和1歲)到學校,大約每早九點,路程約十分鐘(local), 區域在Westheimer Rd 跟 Chimney Rock Rd 附近,傍晚不必接。
2 Days / Week
$17 / hour
诚请家庭烧饭,每周2-3次,每次约3小时, 在亨廷顿滩市
Family Assistance in Orange County, CA, USA
诚请家庭烧饭,每周2-3次,每次约3小时, 在亨廷顿滩市,有意者请回留电话号码。 或短信 留下电话号码
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