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Steps for Looking for Child Care Jobs Close to You
  • Create a profile to let families know your availability and job preferences
  • Search for suitable families by job rate, distance, availability and requirements
  • Review family profiles including job detailed offer
  • Apply to job of your interests
  • Receive job invitations and respond to only those that interest you

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7 Days / Week
$3500 / month
Child Care in Newark, New Jersey, USA
Hi! We are looking for a Nanny for our family. This position is in Collingswood, NJ, United States, live in or live out, 7 Days per week, rate $3500 Per month, Flexible. The ideal candidate needs ...
7 Days / Week
$25 / hour
Child Care in Newark, New Jersey, USA
你好!我们正在为我们的家庭寻找一名月嫂,这个职位在美国新泽西州Glen Ridge,住家或通勤,每周7天,每天8小时,每小时25美元,灵活。理想的候选人需要会说中文普通话,基本英文,并能照顾小婴儿,婴儿,幼儿。...
6 Days / Week
$20 / day
Child Care in Los Angeles, California, USA
We are a father and mother. Father is a technology worker who has a startup and mother is a law graduate who is studying for the bar exam through July. Both of us work from home. We’re a nice coupl...
5 Days / Week
$20 / hour
Child Care in New York, New York, USA
Location Staten Island, NY Languages Must be bilingual in English and Cantonese. Both Children speak both Cantonese and English (as they are learning English in school.) Mom speaks mostly Can...
7 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Child Care in Norfolk County, ON, Canada
5 Days / Week
$180 / day
Child Care in New York, New York, USA
5 Days / Week
$18 / hour
Child Care in Carrollton, Texas, USA
您好!我们正在为我们的家庭寻找一名育儿嫂/保姆, 托儿所老师, 兼职伴幼。这个职位在Carrollton, TX, United States,理想的候选人需要说中文或英文都可以。主要工作是寶寶餐食照顧、遊戲陪伴,嬰兒用品、奶瓶遊...

FAQs for finding Child Care Job

How can I find a childcare job?

It’s easy to find a childcare job with AyiConnect. Using our app and website, you can easily search open positions for all child care jobs. You can use our "filter" option to search jobs by location, rate, part-time or full-time, live-in or live-out, and other factors. You then need to create a profile on AyiConnect that lists your childcare experience and what your desired child care job entails. A profile is an essential tool to consider when building your resume. If you want to get a high chance to get accepted, then a professional profile is all it needs. Besides applying to open jobs, the families can also find you directly about their needs by inviting you to a job; therefore, don’t be shy to highlight your skills and expertise to the family.

Can I still find child care jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Many families use AyiConnect to find skilled and reliable child care helpers to care for their kids. In response with the COVID-19, we have recently added an enhancement to the helper's profile where you can indicate if you are COVID vaccinated or prefer to discuss with them directly. This can help start a productive conversation between you and the families. You should familiarize yourself with the latest CDC guidelines to minimize the risk of catching and spreading COVID before you begin working in anyone's home.

What is the pay rate for a childcare job in 2022?

The pay rate for a childcare job across the US varies depending on several factors, including but not limited to location, the number of children, childcare helpers’ previous childcare experience, specialized training, scope of responsibilities and number of working hours.
On average, the rate of a childcare job posted on is about $18-25 per hour.
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