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Steps for Looking for Home Care Jobs Close to You
  • Create a profile to let families know your availability and job preferences
  • Search for suitable families by job rate, distance, availability and requirements
  • Review family profiles including job detailed offer
  • Apply to job of your interests
  • Receive job invitations and respond to only those that interest you

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  • House cleaning
  • Errand running
  • Assisting with home tasks
  • Cooking
  • House cleaning
  • Chore management
  • Meal planning and prepping
7 Days / Week
$7000 / month
Child Care in Oakland, California, USA
7 Days / Week
$35 / hour
Child Care in Los Angeles, California, USA
湾区Palo Alto找阿姨接送13岁小孩,家里有狗,煮饭做家务,一周5天➕周末,$25-35/小时,尽快开始
7 Days / Week
$7000 / month
Child Care in Los Angeles, California, USA
湾区 Hillsborough预产期12/3找月嫂照顾新生女孩3个月,需要有月嫂证书,可以说点英文,有一只狗,薪资$6500-7000+20%小费,可以做的月嫂请联系。
6 Days / Week
$230 / day
Child Care in Washington, District of Columbia, USA
7 Days / Week
$22 / hour
Child Care in Addison, Texas, USA
(Concierge) 达拉斯Celina75009找通勤阿姨照顾2个2个月大双胞胎,需要有早教经验,不需要做家务和做饭,家里一只小狗,每天12pm-6pm每周5-6天,薪资$20-$25/小时。 Dallas Celina 75009 looking for a live...
5 Days / Week
$4500 / month
Child Care in New York, New York, USA
3 Days / Week
$19 / hour
Child Care in Miami, Florida, USA
Looking for an occasional nanny in the Miami area, 9AM-8PM September 23 & 24th from 9AM-8PM And 25th from 9AM-2PM for our 4 kids. Possible full time position in the future.
7 Days / Week
$3000 / month
Child Care in Roseville, California, USA
你好, 我和我的妻子正在寻找一个保姆来照顾我们两个月大的新生儿。我们正在寻找可以立即开始并可以与我们的家人一起生活约 6 个月的人。这个职位有可能在过去 6 个月内为合适的人提供。理想的候选人是热情、...
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