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5 Days / Week
$20 / hour
Looking for daytime childcare 找白天儿童看护
Child Care in New York, NY, USA
我们想找人白天照顾孩子。男宝,七月底就1岁了。每周大概5天,每天7小时(时间可议),八月左右开始,6个月左右,可延长。 我们住在纽约上东区
6 Days / Week
$3000 / month
Family of two is looking for a long-term nanny 两口之家诚聘长期住家阿姨照顾小孩
Child Care in Jersey City, NJ, USA
夫妻两口之家诚聘长期住家阿姨。帮助照顾1个男宝和做饭,其他家务都不需要做,家里有房间,阿姨可以有自己单独卧室。 A family of two is looking for a long-term, stay-in nanny to take care of a 1 year o...
5 Days / Week
$140 / day
Looking of a daytime childcare 招聘:找白天儿童看护
Child Care in New York, NY, USA
我们想找人白天照看小孩,男宝,七月底就1岁了。 我们打算八月初开始,每周五天,每天7个小时左右。我们住在纽约上东区。 有意者请私信我。 谢谢
5 Days / Week
$2000 / month
Seeking commute nanny
Home Care in Berkeley, CA, USA
Starting around 11/2020 for a 2 month old, duration depends on how well we get along! It’s you or home daycare!
6 Days / Week
$120 / day
Live in Nanny - 找住家保姆
Child Care in Las Vegas, NV, USA
Avoid corona virus. Mother & Father work at home. We do not go out except for groceries. We speak Mandarin Chinese and Korean . 避免冠状病毒。父母都在家里工作。除了卖杂货,我们不出去。我们会普通...
7 Days / Week
$150 / day
Looking for a stay in infant nurse in bay area 诚聘住家育儿嫂,湾区
Child Care in San Mateo, CA, USA
希望阿姨有过带9个月左右宝宝的经验。有爱心,性格好。主要工作就是带宝宝,其他家务量力而行即可。有意者请联系. looking for a nanny that has around 9months related experience. should be caring with g...
6 Days / Week
$130 / day
Looking for a stay in nanny 找住家阿姨
Child Care in Houston, TX, USA
does not smoke, loves children and proactive at work 不吸烟 爱孩子 工作积极主动
7 Days / Week
$130 / day
Hiring childcare/infant nurse 诚招育儿嫂
Child Care in Pasadena, CA, USA
要求住家,一周工作6天或7天,年龄40-52岁,能干适量家务 should be stay-in, 6 or 7 days per week. Age is 40-52 years old. can do moderate housework
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