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5 Days / Week
$250 / day
Looking for babysitter (诚聘保姆)
Child Care in Santa Clara, CA, USA
Loving, caring, patient, detail orientation, clean. (爱心,关怀,耐心,注重细节,干净。)
1 Days / Week
$800 / week
Looking for live-in caregiver who can drive - New York suburbs (纽约郊区诚请会开车住家保姆)
Child Care in New York, NY, USA
A small family in Upstate New York is looking for an experienced live-in caregiver who can drive. Take care of a 2 and a half years old child and do simple housework, work 5-6 days a week (time is ...
2 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Looking for a caregiver who can cook (找做饭阿姨)
Home Care in Richardson, TX, USA
At Richardson $15/hour, prepare lunch, 3-4 hours a day. Can start immediately. 在Richardson $15/小时,做午饭,一天3-4小时。马上可以开始。
3 Days / Week
$25 / hour
Looking for adult babysitter (诚聘成人保姆)
Senior Care in Houston, TX, USA
I am looking for care for a 40-year-old male. He suffered a traumatic brain injury over 20 yrs ago. this will be very similar as if you were watching a toddler age boy. He likes to play with toys c...
2 Days / Week
$18 / hour
Looking for Mom helper / nanny (诚聘妈妈帮手/保姆)
Child Care in San Mateo, CA, USA
To help with children (eg driving to activities), and household matters (light cleaning and cooking) on a part time basis (2-3 days). Can consider also staying overnight if necessary. (帮助孩子...
7 Days / Week
$25 / hour
Need help with meal preparation and cleaning (诚聘做饭和打扫)
Home Care in Rochester, NY, USA
Meal preparation and cleaning (诚聘做饭和打扫)
7 Days / Week
$2500 / month
Looking for a live in babysitter (找住家保姆带孩子)
Child Care in Carrollton, TX, USA
Baby six months old, prepare one meal per day. Simple housework (I also hire hourly caregiver) and clean the toilet inside the children's room. Sleep one room with the children at night. Start work...
6 Days / Week
$1 / week
Seeking for a Maternity care in Cleveland, OH starting from1/31/2020 (诚聘在俄亥俄州克利夫兰月嫂,从2020年1月31日开始)
Child Care in Cleveland, OH, USA
We are expecting 2nd baby boy on 1/31/2020. Living in the suburb of Cleveland, Beachwood, Ohio. I'm a school teacher, and my husband is IO psychologist as business consultant. We are looking for s...
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