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6 Days / Week
$2000 / month
Looking for a caregiver take care of one and a half years old boy (诚聘保姆照顾一岁半男孩)
Child Care in Chicago, IL, USA
Can do hour or full time, negotiable (可以做钟点也可以做全职,可议)
7 Days / Week
$2500 / month
Looking for a caregiver (诚聘照顾宝宝的阿姨)
Child Care in Overland Park, KS, USA
We want to find a caregiver who takes care of the baby at home. Good health, patience, simple housework related to baby life. (我们想找一位住家照顾宝宝的阿姨 身体健康 有耐心 做简单的跟宝宝生活相...
6 Days / Week
$100 / day
Looking for live-in caregiver (诚聘住家阿姨照顾新生宝宝)
Child Care in Dallas, TX, USA
Looking for a live-in nanny for a newborn baby girl. One week 6 days: Mon to Sat. Sleeping with baby at night is required. Four person family (two adults and two kids). Main responsibility is to he...
6 Days / Week
$100 / day
Looking for a caregiver take care 4 months baby (诚聘照顾4个月宝宝的阿姨)
Child Care in Houston, TX, USA
1) The caregiver does not need to take care of my older daughter. The eldest daughter eating, bathing, and sleeping will take care by ourselves. 2) Does not require the caregiver to clean house, b...
5 Days / Week
$20 / hour
Seeking Part Time babysitter with experienced (寻求经验丰富兼职保姆)
Child Care in Austin, TX, USA
We are looking for a long-term part-time or full-time babysitter. 20-25 hours/wk but could vary depending on the week. Responsibilities would include: - being at our house when the bus arrives ...
7 Days / Week
$4800 / month
Looking for Confinement Nanny (诚请经验月嫂)
Child Care in San Mateo, CA, USA
We are looking for someone to help take care of our baby and mother for a month after the baby is born. The Yue Sao (月嫂) will help cook Chinese dishes to help the mother recover postpartum and he...
5 Days / Week
$0 / hour
Looking for live-in Nanny / Housekeeper (诚聘住家阿姨)
Child Care in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Looking for live-in nanny / housekeeper (诚聘住家阿姨)
7 Days / Week
$2800 / month
Looking for live-in experience caregiver (住家老人护理保姆)
Senior Care in Pasadena, CA, USA
Taking care of a 78-year-old man who has just finished the surgery, live-in, 24-hour take care and simple housework. (照顾78岁刚做完手腕接骨的老人 住家 24小时护理和简单的家务)
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