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7 Days / Week
$100 / day
Child Care in Renton, WA, USA
6 Days / Week
$3300 / month
Nanny for 4 month old babies (保姆为4个月大的婴儿)
Child Care in Tyler, TX, USA
Need nanny for two 4-month old babies. Responsibilities include taking care of both babies, such as feeding, cleaning their clothes, and bathing them. Please keep kitchen area clean. If you are ...
7 Days / Week
$2000 / month
need a good house care (需要一个良好的家庭护理)
Home Care in Chicago, IL, USA
please contact me if you are interested , thanks (如果您有兴趣请联系我,谢谢)
7 Days / Week
$2000 / month
Child Care in Austin, TX, USA
需要有多年育婴(3-12个月婴儿)经验,干净有耐心,住家,主要负责小孩全天生活 (辅食,喂奶,衣物清洗,玩耍)
3 Days / Week
$2200 / month
Reliable Nanny for Baby (可靠的婴儿保姆)
Child Care in San Francisco, CA, USA
My family is looking for a reliable nanny for our baby. (我的家人正在为我们的宝宝寻找可靠的保姆。) We're a nice and simple family who are flexible with schedule and living situation as long a...
5 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Weekday Nanny Needed - Bilingual in Cantonese/English (平日保姆需要 - 双语粤语/英语)
Child Care in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Looking for a reliable, honest bilingual nanny for a 2-year old. Must speak Cantonese and understand English well. (为2岁的孩子寻找可靠,诚实的双语保姆。 必须说广东话,懂英语。) Hours per week n...
6 Days / Week
$2000 / month
Full time ayi for 5 months old (全职ayi为5个月)
Child Care in San Jose, CA, USA
We need an ayi to take care our 5 month old baby during the day 6 days a week. cook dinner, and light cleaning. (我们需要一个ayi来照顾我们5个月大的婴儿,每周6天。 做饭,清洁。) We are easy and h...
7 Days / Week
$4000 / month
Maternity Care (产科护理)
Child Care in Alexandria, VA, USA
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