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7 Days / Week
$30 / hour
Nanny Needed Any 3 Full Days Per Week (保姆每周需要3天)
Child Care in San Francisco, CA, USA
We are seeking a nanny to care for our 6-month-old daughter. The schedule is any 3 weekdays, from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm. (我们正在寻找一位保姆照顾我们6个月大的女儿。 时间表是任何3个工作日,从早上7点到...
5 Days / Week
$2000 / month
Houston Kirby 附近求推荐保姆
Child Care in Houston, TX, USA
希望找个保姆帮忙接小孩,烧晚饭,做简单家务。住家最好。 要求阿姨身体健康,卫生习惯好,擅长烧各类家常菜,会做面食加分。有带宝宝经验。
5 Days / Week
$70 / day
Nanny (保姆)
Home Care in New Haven, CT, USA
Must be Healthy, responsibly, and nice (必须健康,负责任,善良)
6 Days / Week
$2300 / month
Child Care in Dallas, TX, USA
4 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Need afternoon help in Oakland (在奥克兰需要下午的帮助)
Home Care in Oakland, CA, USA
Must have own transportation, we not not close to bus line and on a hill. (必须有自己的交通工具,我们不要靠近公交线路和山上。) Experience with cooking for family, attention to detail, need to he...
4 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Child Care in Tacoma, WA, USA
5 Days / Week
$20 / hour
Mandarin-Speaking Family assistant: Nanny, Cook, Housekeeper, Organizer (Palo Alto) (普通话家庭助理:保姆,厨师,管家,组织者(Palo Alto)
Child Care in San Mateo, CA, USA
* pick up from school and drive to activities * speak to child in Mandarin. speak to parents in English * prepare healthy snacks - not junk food * supervise reading, play dates with friends, ...
5 Days / Week
$2000 / month
急需聘请帮忙煮饭打扫阿姨 (Hiring Helper to Cook and Clean)
Home Care in New York, NY, USA
Urgently looking to hire a helper to cook, clean and take care of 10 months old baby. As mum will be staying at home, the helper would only be required to assist the mum in taking care of the ba...
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