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7 Days / Week
$15 / hour
Looking for live-in caregiver (诚聘住家阿姨)
Child Care in West Covina, CA, USA
Take care of young children, make meals for children, and simply clean. 照看幼儿,做孩子的饭,简单打扫。
5 Days / Week
$1500 / month
Looking for a full time Nanny ! (诚聘全职的保姆!)
Child Care in Fairfield, CA, USA
Looking for a full-time Nanny to take care of a 7month baby girl. Requirements: - Able to work fulltime. - 3- 5 + years experience with caring for a baby. - Weekends off (some cases need as...
2 Days / Week
$16 / hour
Nanny needed for take care 2 year old child (诚聘住家保姆,照顾2岁的孩子)
Child Care in Hayward, CA, USA
Weekend required. Live-in welcome. (周末需要工作,欢迎住进。)
6 Days / Week
$2500 / month
Looking for long term live in nanny (诚聘长期住家保姆)
Child Care in Dallas, TX, USA
Love clean, do simple housework, take care of one-year-old twins, work 6 days a week, the price can be negotiated. Please call 爱干净,做简单家务,照顾一岁的双胞胎,一个星期做6天,价钱可以商量。...
5 Days / Week
$3000 / day
Looking for Nanny, One Child One Year Old (Mother Will Accompany Together), San Jose, Northern California (诚聘育儿保姆,一孩一岁(母亲会一起陪带),北加州,圣何西)
Child Care in San Jose, CA, USA
Mainly: Take care one-year-old child (Mother Will Accompany Together) Do simple housework (cooking, mopping, etc.) Working hours: Live in, or 9 am to 5 am Salary: Talk in detail Homestay: Prov...
6 Days / Week
$2500 / month
Looking for maternity care (诚聘月嫂)
Child Care in Houston, TX, USA
You only need to take care of baby and mom’s meals. No need to do housework. 只需要照顾宝宝 和孕妇饭食 不用打扫卫生 可同吃可住家。
6 Days / Week
$2500 / month
Looking for maternity care (诚聘月嫂)
Child Care in Houston, TX, USA
No need to do housework, just take care of children and cook, can live-in. 不用做家务只需看孩子做饭 可住家可同吃
3 Days / Week
$20 / hour
Laundry and Cooking (洗衣和烹饪)
Home Care in New York, NY, USA
Hi, would like laundry and cooking (make 3 dishes for 2 people, for dinner and lunch for next two days). 您好,想找阿姨洗衣服(我們大廈每層有洗衣機)和燒菜,供我們兩人之後兩天的午餐晚餐。
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