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7 Days / Week
$20 / hour
Nanny needed immediately (马上需要保姆)
Child Care in Allen, TX, USA
During Family Emergency I need someone to take care of twin boys. (在家庭紧急情况期间需要有人照顾双胞胎男孩.)
6 Days / Week
$3000 / month
Home in Houston, looking for a caregiver in north China who can cook (家在休斯顿,找会做饭的北方阿姨)
Home Care in Sugar land, TX, USA
Need to find a caregiver who can cook Northeastern China dish, need to have the experience, clean and capable. 4 adults at home and a little baby. Need to have an identity and not live in. 100 USD ...
2 Days / Week
$200 / day
Take care baby for two days (需要带宝宝两天)
Child Care in Allen, TX, USA
Please recommend caregiver with professional take care baby in the Dallas area. From June 14th to the morning of the 16th, a total of two days, caregiver needs to help bring a half-month-old female...
5 Days / Week
$0 / hour
19 month-old boy looking for the caregiver (19个月男孩找阿姨)
Child Care in Alexandria, VA, USA
Cook a light home-cooked meal. Parents communicate well, anything can be discussed. As long as the child safety. (做饭清淡家常菜即可。家长好沟通,任何事都可以商量。只要保证孩子安全。)
7 Days / Week
$0 / day
Baby nurse / Yuesao ( 宝宝护士/月嫂)
Child Care in Berkeley, CA, USA
Looking for a Yuesao starting Oct 2019 to help with baby, cooking, basic cleaning, and laundry. Live-in is great. We have two dogs so comfort with dogs is critical. Basic English also required. We ...
1 Days / Week
$100 / week
I am looking for a housekeeper, once a week, to help clean up the house and wash clothes. (想找一位家政阿姨,每周一次,帮忙收拾屋子洗衣服)
Home Care in New York, NY, USA
My husband and I are both engaged in financial work. I usually have no time to clean up the house. I want to find a careful and neat housekeeper to help us clean the house. Once a week, once every ...
5 Days / Week
$12 / hour
Hire a babysitter (聘请保姆)
Child Care in Plano, TX, USA
Hiring a babysitter in Plano, I would like to hire an hourly worker from now until the end of July, from Monday to Friday, from 6 pm to 9 pm, mainly to look after a 13-month boy and help with washi...
5 Days / Week
$0 / hour
Home Care in Frisco, TX, USA
需要暑假期间上门准备饭菜,打扫卫生以及整理, 请速联系
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