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5 Days / Week
$1800 / month
Frisco hires live-in caregiver from January to May to take care of 4-month baby (Frisco诚聘住家阿姨从1月到5月,照顾4个月宝宝)
Child Care in Frisco, TX, USA
Frisco hires a live-in aunt from January to May to take care of her baby for 4 months. Do simple housework and cook. You can rest on weekends. Frisco诚聘住家阿姨从1月到5月,照顾4个月宝宝, 能...
6 Days / Week
$3600 / month
Looking for live in housekeeper (誠徵住家管家)
Child Care in Santa Clara, CA, USA
Looking for a qualified housekeeping service person work on Mon-Sat who is fluent on Mandarin / Putonghua has good home cooking experience Assists parents to take care of two children to get up for...
5 Days / Week
$10 / hour
Looking for a caregiver cooking and cleaning (诚聘做饭与打扫帮手)
Other Services in Dallas, TX, USA
Looking for a caregiver requires diligence, cleanliness, and Chinese and children's meals. Accommodation available. 要求勤快、爱干净、做中餐与小孩餐拿手。可提供住宿。
7 Days / Week
$1 / hour
Looking for Full-time Chinese nanny (诚聘全职华裔保姆)
Child Care in San Mateo, CA, USA
We're looking for a full-time nanny who can speak Chinese Mandarin to take care of our 3-year old son. The job involves taking care of him at our home and drive him to schools in the Bay Area. ...
7 Days / Week
$120 / day
Looking for a short-term caregiver, McKinney (诚聘找短期阿姨)
Child Care in McKinney, TX, USA
Take care 4-month baby boy at home. Can choose live-in or not. No need sleep together with baby at night. The salary range is 110-120/day. Prefer start immediately, ideally from early December to e...
6 Days / Week
$20 / hour
American Family Looking for Chinese Teacher (Needs Relocation) (美国家庭找中文导师(需要搬迁))
Other Services in Chicago, IL, USA
In order to create a Chinese environment for the children in the family, only the children need to be taught Chinese. No need to look at children or housework. 5 to 6 days a week. flexible time. Si...
2 Days / Week
$100 / day
Looking for part time help with baby (诚聘兼职照顾宝宝)
Child Care in San Jose, CA, USA
We have a new baby and we need some help around the house with child care and maybe some cooking too. We are flexible with times and days. We are 27 and 29 years old. 我们有个新生儿,我们...
1 Days / Week
$500 / month
I’m looking for someone to take care of the house while I’m Away (找人照顾房子当我不在时)
Home Care in Lewisville, TX, USA
Please someone real 请一个真实的人
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