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7 Days / Week
$5000 / month
Confinement nanny 诚聘月嫂
Child Care in San Francisco, CA, USA
Looking for Chinese confinement nanny 月嫂,最好有經驗和醫保,體檢
5 Days / Week
$22 / hour
Toddler and newborn Nanny who can cook. 寻找会做饭的幼儿和新生儿保姆
Child Care in Oakland, CA, USA
Toddler (2 years old) and newborn nanny. Light housework and cooking preferred. 寻找新生儿保姆。 较轻的家务和烹饪优先
1 Days / Week
$1800 / month
House keeper 找找管家
Home Care in Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Most know how to speak English language fluently 必须会英语
6 Days / Week
$180 / day
Need a stay-in nanny, Location: New Jersey 需要住家阿姨,地点:新泽西
Child Care in Jersey City, NJ, USA
Take care of new born baby and cook. We hope to find someone who has experience taking frail infants. 照顾新生儿,负责做饭,希望阿姨有照顾体弱宝宝的经验
7 Days / Week
$2600 / week
Looking for stay-in nanny 诚聘住家保姆
Child Care in Seattle, WA, USA
To stay in the house from Monday to Friday. Weekends do not need to stay at home 周一至周五住家 周末可不住家
6 Days / Week
$3000 / hour
Looking for a stay-in nanny to take care of our one-year-old baby诚征住家保姆照顾一岁大宝宝
Child Care in Seattle, WA, USA
Looking for stay-in nanny to take care of our 1 year old baby girl, with related experience is a plus. Able to work in North America, Not working at night, lives alone 诚聘住家阿姨,白天照顾一岁...
7 Days / Week
$170 / day
Looking for Matron/Nanny in Dallas Frisco 诚聘月嫂-坐标达拉斯-Frisco
Child Care in Frisco, TX, USA
Nanny is mainly responsible for taking care of the newborn and maternal daily life diet. 24hrs Live in. Sleeps with the baby at night. At least 2 years working experience 月嫂主要负责照顾新生儿...
5 Days / Week
$20 / hour
Part-time Mandarin speaking nanny needed 招聘兼职普通话保姆
Child Care in San Francisco, CA, USA
My 4 year old daughter speaks English and. Mandarin. We would love to have a young Mandarin speaking nanny who plays with girls well. 我4岁的女儿会英语和普通话。我们希望有一个会说普通话的保姆,...
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