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Signs Your Parents May Need Help at Home

3 Signs Your Parents May Need Help at Home

One day you and your parents will inevitably realize that your roles have changed. It's certainly not an easy time. When the following things happen, you may initially brush them aside as part of the natural aging process, but they can also signal that your parents are changing and may need some help at home now, perhaps in the form of in-home care assistance. Be ready to act if you notice any of the following:

  • Bumps and Bruises

Mom may be known for her clumsiness, but if you notice excessive bruises, this could be a sign that she's been struggling to do things around the house and is hurting herself in the process. She could also be experiencing frequent falls.

  • Things Aren’t Neat and Tidy as Usual

Dad’s thing is keeping the outside tidy, and Mom is always on top of keeping the inside in order. So, it must have been quite a shock to visit for the 4th of July holiday only to find the grass 6 inches tall, unwashed laundry everywhere, and a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Losing interest in activities that they used to enjoy is often a sign your parents may need help.

  • Money Troubles

On your next visit, you notice a stack of unpaid bills on the kitchen table, and you know your parents always pay their bills on time. Losing a handle on finances is a strong sign that something isn’t right and that you need to step in and help.


If you notice any of these things happening with your parents, it may be time to talk to them about getting some in-home care assistance.


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