logo AyiConnect Staff, Jun 27, 2017
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Recent studies have shown several wonderful benefits of raising kids with the ability to speak multiple languages, including cognitive benefits, school advancement, well-rounded behaviors, and cultural tolerance.

Many parents these days are keen to see their child speaking foreign languages even if they don’t have that background. 

How do you teach a kid a language you cannot speak?

The easiest trick to do so is to hire a bilingual nanny for your child.

It is a proven factor that kids naturally learn those languages often communicated around them, just as how you learned your native language. As these little brains are on their growth stage, they will pick up everything they hear. So, if you want your child to speak a targeted language, it is good to hire a nanny that belongs to that culture and talk about the language authentically. 

For example, if you want your child to speak Chinese mandarin, you can find such a nanny from Ayiconnect. By hiring a Mandarin-speaking nanny, you will not need to arrange special Chinese lessons. Instead, the learning will become part of his routine life. Your child will learn the language through playing, listening, and genuinely talking to his care taker.

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But, how can I communicate clearly with the nanny my requirements when I don't know the language?

Most of the time, these bilingual nannies will possess at least basic knowledge of English by being in the US. Writing out your requirements or schedule is usually an excellent way to ensure no miscommunication. Additionally, modern technology has made our communication much more accessible. For example, you can use google translate to convey what you need.

Alternatively, you can always learn the basic commands of the language so that the bilingual nanny can understand the fundamental dos and don'ts. It is a fun process to use through routine practice with your nanny in your daily communication. It is also another way to show your appreciation and willingness to know more about her.

Overall, there are more benefits than cons when you hire a bilingual nanny. She will not only help you with childcare, cook delicious homemade food, assist house chores, but also help your child adapt to new languages and become open-minded. 

AyiConnect is a platform to connect families with helpers who have a language specialty in addition to care. You can engage with them directly through self service or concierge service. The concierge 1:1 service can provide another option to ensure success matches for busy families who don't have time to search or need language assist. Schedule a free consultation here for our concierge service, or check us out on ayiconnection.com