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While deciding to introduce a bilingual helper into your family life can be an amazing experience, hiring bilingual help may seem like a daunting task. You may be overwhelmed with options wondering where to find bilingual help, how to screen potential employees, how to negotiate responsibilities, and how to introduce your child to the new household addition, but these tasks don’t have to be difficult. The purpose of bilingual help is to make your life easier, and expose your child to a second language environment, and this process can be easy if you have the right resources. However, one of the most important steps in beginning to search for help can be identifying the type of assistance you are looking for, such as how frequently you want help, what type of tasks you would like performed, and what qualities would make a caregiver compatible with your family life. 

Find Help
Finding a reputable bilingual agency (like AyiConnect!) can be one of the most beneficial resources in beginning your journey in hiring bilingual help. Oftentimes, agencies can provide you with more information on where to find helpers, as well as descriptions of the help that they offer. This can make locating a variety of qualified caregivers much easier, so that you have many great options when it comes to selecting help for your family. 

Screen Caregivers
When first speaking to bilingual help candidates, it can be important to keep your family dynamic in mind. For example, if you want to introduce your child to a second language, it can be helpful to inquire about the language your caregiver speaks, including questions such as how long they have been speaking their language. It’s also important to see how their lifestyle may fit in with your family. If you have younger children, it may be helpful to find a more mature caregiver who has more experience with this, or if you know that you have a very active child who likes to be outside, you may want to consider a younger, energetic, caregiver who also enjoys outdoor activities.  

Negotiate Responsibilities
Once you have decided that the caregiver is a great fit for your family, it’s time to discuss the responsibilities you would like them to handle. When making this agreement, it’s important to address the specifics of the care you would like. For example, how many days a week would you like the caregiver to assist your family? Would you like just childcare or would you also like them to perform cleaning and cooking? What role should the caregiver play in disciplining your child? Will the caregiver be running errands for your or picking the child up from school? If so, will you be providing transportation for the caregiver, or will they need to provide their own? It can also be a good idea to put these responsibilities, and the agreed upon compensation in writing so that you and your caregiver can always reference this contract if there are ever disagreements. 

Introduce Your Child
If your child has never interacted with a bilingual caregiver, it can be beneficial to slowly introduce them to the new help. It may be a good idea to first introduce your child to the helper with you present, so that they have the opportunity to slowly warm up to the new addition to the household. When helping your child adjust to the new language, having them play games with the caregiver, or doing activities they enjoy together, can be a great way for them to feel more comfortable with the caregiver and new language environment. 

Let’s Get Started!
While hiring a bilingual helper can feel intimidating, the process can be made easy by going through a trusted platform such as our concierge service at AyiConnect and clearly identifying the type of care you would like. Introducing bilingual help into your family can be an amazing experience for both you and your child and can greatly reduce family stress levels. 

AyiConnect is a platform to connect families with helpers who can provide language assistance in addition to care. You can engage and book them through us. Concierge 1:1 Elite service is also available for busy professionals who don't have time or need language assist. Schedule a free consultation here for our concierge service, or check us out on ayiconnection.com.