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Overcome challenges as a caregiver

Caregivers are a blessing to any family they work with, and sometimes they are also lucky to become a part of such families. However, some caregivers face challenges and problems in the family they work with. These challenges can be minor or significant. Sometimes you can solve them, and some other times, it is best to walk away. 
Common troubling situations for caregivers and what they can do about them

Communication problems 
The most common problems caregivers face (especially in large families) is communication breaches or issues. Sometimes, the communication channels between parents, kids, seniors, and caregivers are not uniform. Such situations lead to misunderstandings, and the caregiver might have to take the brunt.
The best way to handle this is to ask for things to be better. You can request a list of instructions daily, call your employer for confirmation, or have a discussion session with the family to set things straight.

Difficult Children/Seniors
Every caregiver doesn't get the best person to handle. Some kids might be stubborn, and some elders may prove challenging to handle. It happens at least once in every caregiver's career, so there is no need to run away yet. 
There are two ways to handle this. 
First, try to speak to the seniors or kids and understand why they should support you. Whether it's to take drugs, naps, or eat what they should, attempt to persuade them. If it doesn't work, call the parents or family in and explain how frustrating things are for you. They will step in and make things better.
If they don't handle it properly and you continue to feel frustrated, you might have to leave the job. Your physical and mental health is vital, and so is your peace of mind.

Disrespect for your work hours
Many caregivers have their employers calling them at weird hours, on off days, and vacations to come in for one reason or the other. There is no problem helping out, especially when you are free, and they are in a fix.
However, if your employers consistently make you get off work late, call you in when you shouldn't be, and they don't offer compensation, you must talk with them. 
Respectfully remind them of the details of your contract. If they don't make reasonable adjustments, you might have to start seeking other employers. 

Accident to a kid/senior
If a child or senior under your watch gets into an accident, it can become a troubling situation, especially if you had some faults in it. Most times, it is especially difficult to solve such issues. The best thing you can do is apologize sincerely, opt to pay damages (if applicable), and show that you are remorseful for the incident.
In such a situation, you are at the mercy of your employer that might choose to retain your job or let you go. Whatever the outcome, take it in good fate. 
To avoid such situations, always pay attention to the kids or elders in your care.

False Accusations

 The most depressing situation for many caregivers is when they are falsely suspected or accused by their employers or family members. It is not uncommon for such things to occur, especially when something has been stolen. 
Unfortunately, you might be the prime suspect, especially if you are a new caregiver and haven't gained their trust yet. The best thing to do is to allow them to check or investigate you (while respecting your rights) and prove beyond any doubt that you are innocent. 
Most times, it is hard to continue working with a family after a false accusation. It is more challenging if the event is dramatic. So, it might be best if you quit the job and move to a new place. 
However, if your employers are remorseful for their actions and they beg you to stay, it is an offer you can consider. 

Final Thoughts 
Caregivers will face several troubling situations while working with families. But at all times, remember to do what is right, avoid putting your future employment in jeopardy by making wrong decisions, and be considerate towards the next person. 

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