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Many parents and guardians ask this question now and again 'when should I start looking for a full time or maternity caregiver?' The answer is as early as possible. This post will give you an insight into the best time to begin searching and screening a caregiver for several purposes. Let's get into it.

When should you start looking for a maternity nanny?
The best time to start looking for a maternity nanny is four or five months before your due date, as the good maternity nannies are booked up ahead of time. This time frame is perfect for you to check with several agencies, put out an ad, and scan through the services available. 

Begin your search by posting a job description with all necessary details, including the qualifications you seek and the start date. It is best to select a start date that allows you some time to get to know your nanny and monitor their actions before leaving your kids in their hands. 

When you get a list of applicants, conduct phone interviews, and then streamline the number of persons with who you will have face-to-face interviews while running background and reference checks.  Between two weeks and a month, you should be through with this process. 

You can then relax, knowing that you have a nanny who is compatible with you and your family.

When should you start looking for a full time/long term nanny? 
Similarly, finding a nanny for your kids takes a lot of effort, and it is best to start 4 to 6 weeks in advance. Finding a nanny isn't often quick and easy, although using an agency makes the process a lot easier. 

Some mothers start earlier, three to four months before they need the service. Although it allows you to run a thorough search, many nannies seek early or immediate employment, so they are not likely to wait on you for two months before you need their services. Many vacancies for caregivers pop up everywhere, so a nanny may not want to pass up on several job offers while waiting for your job. 

4 to 6 weeks before you need your full-time nanny to resume, begin your search with a detailed description. This job description should include the responsibilities the nanny will feel, how many days you need their services, how many kids the nanny will be taking care of, and specific traits or qualifications you desire. 

It is important to note that there is no typical or compulsory time to begin hiring a nanny. While some caregivers seek immediate employment, others are searching months in advance. Some others fall somewhere in the middle. Do you have some other requirements like a bilingual nanny, a nanny who can cook, or one with teaching qualifications? Specify this in your job description. 

You can seek promising candidates based on a nanny concierge or agency's recommendations, friends and families, or online nanny listings. 
A reputable company such as AyiConnect can run all relevant checks for you, including criminal checks, reference checks, and conduct interviews as well. You can also opt to get matched based on the list of nannies in your area and then carry out the investigation and interviews on your own. You can begin with phone interviews before having in-person interviews with a narrowed list.

After choosing the most-preferred nanny, schedule a trial session where the nanny comes around to spend time with your kids under your watchful eyes. At this time, you can correct them, give further instructions, and then rest assured that your kids are in good hands. 

When should I start looking for an urgent/last-minute nanny? 
Are you seeking a child caregiver urgently? Perhaps your nanny quits urgently, calls in sick, or you suddenly need a nanny service. No worries, you can find a babysitting service in a short time. 

You can ask friends and family members who use nanny or babysitting services for urgent recommendations. You can also work with your nanny that is unavailable to recommend a colleague to step in last-minute. 

If you engaged a nanny concierge like AyiConnect when hiring your nanny, they might have an emergency backup sitter for you. Otherwise, they will link you with a nanny seeking immediate and short term employment. 

In a few days, you can rush the interview and investigation process so that you have a last-minute nanny for your kids.
Because of your child/children's safety, it is crucial to hire an urgent nanny from a concierge you trust or based on recommendation. 

Whether full time, maternity, or urgent services, AyiConnect concierge is available to help you through the process of hiring the most suitable nanny for you and your family.

AyiConnect is a platform to connect families with helpers who have a language specialty in addition to care. You can engage with them directly through self service or concierge service. Our concierge service can help busy families who don’t have time to search or need language assistance. Schedule a free consultation here for our concierge service, or download our app.