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Nanny Share

  Every parent is especially concerned about their kids' welfare, among other things. 

  Parents want their kids to be safe and well-cared-for while they go about work or their businesses. Hence, nannies and daycare centers are the two options parents have when they cannot show their kids the love they should.

  However, most parents prefer nannies as they will take special care of the kids in a familiar environment and attend to household chores. There is one challenge, though; the high cost of getting a nanny leaves many parents hand-tied. But that doesn't have to be the case. A new nanny practice called nanny share holds the solution to this issue. A nanny share is a situation where two families or more share one nanny to handle their child care instead of hiring three different nannies.

  Nanny share has several advantages for parents. Let us explore some of them.

Advantages of Nanny Share for Parents 

1. Great Financial Situation for All
   Hiring a nanny is more affordable when the cost is shared among several families. It is cheaper than what every family would pay if they all get individual nannies. 

   For instance, one family might hire a nanny for $3000 monthly in a regular situation. But with nanny share, two families might pay a nanny $2000 monthly each, which is a $4000 monthly salary for the nanny, and both parents save $1000 every month. 
For hourly rates, a family that would ordinarily pay $20 each for two different nannies will pay a shared nanny $30 and save $5 every hour. It is a win-win for all parties involved.

2. A Healthier Option 
    There is no telling what diseases your child can contract in a daycare center with several other kids from different families. Your kids can go out, get sick, and return home with all sorts of conditions that might infect the entire family. 
With a nanny share, your children will spend time with fewer kids whose health conditions their parents can vouch for. 

3. More Attentive Care 
    Unlike a daycare center where your child gets less personalized care, a nanny will pay special attention to your kids' needs and care for them better. 

    You can instruct the nanny on your child's care, from what you want your kid to eat, how you want them to dress, what time they should play, read, or sleep. Your child will receive this care from the comfort of your home, so they don't have to leave the house.

4. Opportunity to Socialize
    If you engage in a nanny share, your kids can socialize with other children of their age under the care of the same nanny. This is a perfect way for them to build healthy friendships, social skills, learn to share, and understand others.

    You can take time to observe how the kids relate and see if you like their rapport. In a healthy situation, socializing among kids of the same age with monitoring from a nanny has tons of benefits for your kids. 

5. You Make the Rules
    With nanny share, you can discuss with the other families involved, set the rules, and reach a consensus amongst yourselves. All families involved can decide the nanny's work and free days, and when they will stay home to watch the kids. After setting the standards, you will then inform the nanny so that everyone is on the same page. 

What do Nannies think about Nanny Share?

Many nannies are interested in a nanny share, and there is a consensus that being a shared nanny is taxing and complicated. 

   For example, in nanny in such a situation has to answer four parents, even if they are taking care of just two kids, one from each family.

  Some nannies get caught in the middle of miscommunication between both families, and others have to carry out chores in two households instead of one.

  A nanny has to remember the parenting styles of every family they work with and meet up to these standards. 
  Simply put, a nanny has to please two or more families, plan their kids' days, work around their schedules, last-minute changes, and every other situation. 

  Typically, nannies will charge each family in a nanny share 2/3 of their regular rates for a family. Nannies don't expect to make twice the regular amount, but they shouldn't lose out either.

    A nanny share is an excellent option for parents as it provides a comfortable and affordable way to care for their kids. 

    However, you will be sharing a nanny with another family whose kids will interact with yours, so parents should give the situation a lot of thought.

    Discuss with your partner, define your expectations, needs, and limitations. If possible, discuss with the other family and reach an understanding before getting a shared nanny.

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