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Everything You Need To Know About Chinese Postpartum Confinement Nannies 

The Chinese postpartum confinement program, also known as "Zuo Yue Zi," meaning "sitting the month." During postpartum in China, the new mother sits home for an entire month while watching her activities, resting, and refreshing. This confinement period is considered essential for a new mother's recovery and baby's health. They are becoming more popular in the United States as more families look for postpartum support and care. Here is some information about Chinese postpartum nannies in the US.

Why Is There A Chinese Postpartum Confinement Program?

Chinese belief holds strongly to the notion that energy (Qi) is a vital element to achieve a balance of mind and body. When a lady is pregnant, in the months leading to childbirth, and during childbirth, extra Qi gets distributed around the body for the baby to grow and develop properly. This extra Qi tends to disrupt the original flow of energy and brings about an imbalanced flow of Qi. 

The Chinese equate the imbalance in Qi and the general blood loss accompanying childbirth as two deficiencies that affect the mother negatively, cause her immune system to weaken and make her more prone to sickness and infections.

With these factors in mind, new mothers must undergo recovery in the first few weeks postpartum to regain energy, immunity, blood supply, and promote future health challenges. Thus the recovery process is responsible for the creation of a Chinese postpartum program.

What Is A Chinese Postpartum Confinement Program? 

As described earlier, a postpartum program exists so that new mothers can recover in the weeks after childbirth. The program focuses on rebalancing and replenishing the mother's Qi, supporting mental and physical recovery through rest, healthy diet, and limited activities. 

In the traditional practice, one month after delivery, a mother is confined (hence the term "confinement") to a house with her baby to rest and heal appropriately during their most crucial recovery period,for an average of 26 days. In addition, there is also a strict "confinement diet" to be followed, and the postpartum mothers can only eat what is offered and nothing else. Of course, the program has evolved over time, so the "strictness" may not be as applicable to todays' modern moms, especially in the US. 

Many families will choose to have a Chinese postpartum nanny, also known as confinement nanny or "Yue sao" 月嫂, to accompany you and offer you around the clock care on baby care, mother care and guidance and support for one month.

Who Is The Chinese Postpartum Confinement Nanny?

The Chinese postpartum confinement nanny, or "Yue Sao" 月嫂, is a specialized caregiver who offer around-the-clock care for new mothers and babies during this confinement period, which can last up to 40 days. The postpartum nanny is trained in traditional Chinese medicine principles and practices and provides a variety of postpartum care services in addition to caring for the infant, cooking, cleaning, and helping with postpartum healing and recovery. Their service is similar in the US.

Chinese postpartum confinement nannies in the US may or may not be certified, so it's important to do your research and ask for references and qualifications before hiring one. Some Chinese postpartum nannies in the US may have received training in China, while others may have learned through experience.

What Services Do Chinese Postpartum Confinement Nannies Provide?

Chinese postpartum confinement nannies provide a range of services to new mothers during the confinement period, including:

  1. Preparing Nourishing Foods: The postpartum confinement nannies prepare nutrient-rich, warm, and easily digestible foods to support postpartum recovery. These healthy foods are believed to provide essential nutrients, increase energy levels, and promote lactation. Some of the ingredients include whole grains, steamed vegetables, minimal salt, lean proteins, tons of fluid such as chicken broth, with little sodium. They must follow a cooking timetable or guidelines. It is recommended to eat 6 meals a day. This might sound a lot, but remember, mothers need a special diet and good food to give them the energy they need after they deliver a little human being!

  2. Caring for the Newborn, the new Mother and Other household chores: As part of resting and healing regiment, the Chinese postpartum confinement nannies usually take care of everything baby related items including but not limited to feeding, developing a routine, tracking bowel movements, cleaning bottles and laundry, organizing toys and room. In addition to all motherhood meals mentioned above, they also help with mother's recovery through house chores such as laundry, and other auxiliary services such as lactational assistance and circumcision care. 

  3. Providing Postpartum Massages: Some postpartum confinement nannies can provide massages to promote physical healing and blood circulation. These massages can help alleviate postpartum symptoms such as back pain, muscle soreness, and swelling. 

  4. Teaching Postpartum Practices: The postpartum confinement nannies can teach new mothers various postpartum practices, such as proper breastfeeding techniques, to promote physical and emotional recovery. These practices can help prevent postpartum depression and promote bonding with the newborn.

Why Do People Use Chinese Postpartum Nannies?

Hiring a Chinese postpartum confinement nanny can provide numerous benefits for new mothers, such as:

  1. Physical Recovery: The postpartum confinement nanny's care can help care for the newborn and alleviate postpartum symptoms and promote physical healing.

  2. Emotional Support: The postpartum confinement nanny provides emotional support, which can help new mothers navigate the emotional challenges of motherhood.

  3. Improved Breastfeeding: The postpartum confinement nanny can teach new mothers proper breastfeeding techniques and provide support for lactation, which can improve breastfeeding outcomes.

Generally, postpartum care is essential for the following reasons:

  • Protect new mothers and children from infections throughout the postpartum period.
  • Prevent health complications affecting the new mothers.
  • It provides faster recovery after giving birth allowing the delivered mother to bounce back quickly.
  • Increase the overall enjoyment of motherhood.
  • It lessens feelings of fatigue and exhaustion in new mothers.
  • It leads to sufficient milk supply to the baby, which improves their health.

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of hiring a Chinese postpartum confinement nanny in the US can vary depending on their level of experience and the duration of their service. Some families may choose to hire a Chinese postpartum confinement nanny for just a few weeks (starting at 26 days), while others may hire them for several months. The rate can vary between $250 - $350/day based on experience and credentials. 

What Else Do You Need To Know?

Although the postpartum care period restricts movements, activity, and diet, the health benefits could outweigh these inconveniences. In the western culture, most moms would prefer to walk around and that is ok. Make sure you communicate that with the nanny.

It's also important to note that there may be cultural differences between Chinese postpartum confinement nannies and their clients in the US. For example, Chinese postpartum nannies may have different ideas about tradition, parenting and child-rearing practices than their clients, so it's critical to discuss and understand these differences before hiring a yuesao.

Where Can You Find Chinese Postpartum Nannies In The United States?

Chinese postpartum care is incredibly essential for an array of reasons mentioned above. Any mother interested in improving her health and that of the baby after birth should consider engaging the services of a postpartum nanny. They go a long way in protecting the health of a new mother and the baby during the vulnerable times after giving birth.

To book a Chinese postpartum confinement nannies, it is recommended to reserve their time 4-6 months ahead of the expected due date, as their availability varies and may not be available in all areas of the US.

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