Job Profile

USA New York: start on June 01 美国纽约:6月1日上岗

美国纽约:6月1日上岗,一家四口,一周简单打扫下卫生,主要带满月小宝宝,照顾小婴儿的经验,,擅长做饭和煲汤.荤素搭配,薪资28000-32000/26天,已经在美国东部的 USA New york: start on June 01, a family of four. Do a simple cleaning for a week. Mainly take care of the baby. Applicant should have a related experience. Good at cooking and making soup with balanced diet. Salary is 28000-32000/26 days. Should be already in the eastern part of the US

Job Type
Child Care
Desired Living
Live in
New York, NY, USA
$150 per Day
2020-06-01 — 2020-12-01
7 day(s) per week
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