AyiConnect Staff, Aug 13, 2021
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Thanks to globalization, the nanny industry has become very international and open to people from different countries and cultures. For instance, Chinese nannies are highly sought after in the United States, especially by families who wish to raise bilingual kids.

While it can be fascinating and even productive to get a Chinese maternity and night nanny to work for an American family, there are several considerations to be made before getting into it.

While language and the ability to communicate is a primary factor, other cultural differences between a Chinese family and an American family will pop up, so they should come into the picture.

Here are some cultural differences to be aware of and prepare for between a Chinese nanny and an American client.

1. Meal Preparation and Ingredients 

Chinese families and American families have notable differences in their meal preparations, and you might notice this when you employ a Chinese Nanny.

For example, Chinese families eat stir-fries, which take a long time to prepare, while American families keep their meals simple. 

An American family can have cereal for breakfast, but if a nanny is not used to that, she may put much effort into making a meal in the morning based on her culture.

Also, many Chinese meals focus on meat and vegetables, so a Chinese nanny will most likely cook with a lot of meat and vegetables, which might be foreign to an American family that maintains a casual diet.

When shopping, another cultural difference springs up. A Chinese nanny tends to shop every day because she is used to buying and using fresh ingredients. 

However, an American family is satisfied with going grocery shopping once in a while and stocking food in the fridge.

In this regard, a Chinese nanny would need acclimatization to get used to how things are done in an American household, just as an American family should keep an open mind toward the Chinese nanny.

2. Kids’ Upbringing 

Another situation where you find a difference between the Chinese culture and the American culture is with regard to caring for kids.

Chinese families spoil their kids and tend to do everything for them. You can scarcely see a Chinese parent or nanny ignore a child who falls without picking them up. On the other hand, Americans like to teach their kids independence at an early age so, they allow them to do things for themselves and stand up when they fall while motivating them.

While American parents and families like to communicate constantly with their kids and encourage them to speak as well, Chinese families rarely talk to their kids or motivate them to communicate.

3. House Chores and Other Activities

You can expect to find your Chinese nanny washing dishes by hand, even when there is a dishwasher because it is what they are used to.

Chinese nannies also prefer to hang clothes under the sun as opposed to Americans who would rather put the clothes in a dryer.

When running errands, a Chinese nanny would prefer to take a walk if the destination is close to the house. However, Americans would rather drive to their destination.

4. Hygiene and Clothing 

Chinese families prefer to have a bath at night before bed, while American families would rather take a bath in the morning after waking up from bed. If you are not aware of this Chinese culture, you might be surprised to find your Chinese nanny taking baths at night, and not in the morning like everyone else.

When seasons change, American families will change their clothing and put on less or more. However, Chinese families dress the same way throughout the season, whether in the spring or winter.

Final Thoughts

The interesting thing about having a Chinese nanny or a nanny from another culture is that you learn about their culture, and they learn about yours. However, it is crucial to know some of these things to make it easier for American families to work with and relate with your Chinese nanny. It also helps Chinese maternity and night nannies to know what to expect when working with an American family.

In the end, the goal is to create a balance that both parties will find comfortable.


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