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Concierge Service AyiConnect

Our mission is always to help families find the proper care and help as much as possible. We try our best to provide all the tools necessary on the platform so our families can utilize them to serve themselves as much as possible. That being said, sometimes our families may need some additional support, especially if you are in one of the following situations:

  • You are a busy professional and pressed against time to get some reliable help right away
  • It would help if you had some language assistance, such as looking for a mandarin speaking or bilingual helper
  • It would be best if you had some extra assurance and guidance on some helpers

Our concierge program is designed to assist our families in searching for the right selection of helpers fast and affordably (less than 1% of helpers’ annual salary), so they don’t have to do the mundane work. Our sourcing managers follow a very stringent process and adhere to high standards with multiple rounds for our screening.

We are efficient because we are no-frills yet highly customer-oriented. We think of you as your partner and advisor. Our job here is to help you narrow down the pool of quality candidates, so you don’t need to spend your precious time away from family time, sifting through profiles, and worrying about whether you can hire the right person quickly. For us, the answer we want to hear is “Yes, you’ve helped us find that one person.”

So far, after hundreds of clients, we are happy to say our success rate is at 99%. Average clients find and hire someone between 1 and 7 days.

We understand not everyone is a good fit. Who are we not the right fit for?

  • Families who look for quantity of candidates instead of quality: we offer quality options, so every candidate we present goes through many levels of vetting and matching based on experience, qualification, background requirements, and personality. If a family is looking for many candidates to choose from, self-service is a better option vs. concierge.
  • Families who ask us to change our process: we established processes, gates, and guidelines to ensure a quality experience. For families who want us to work outside of our process, we are not the right fit.
  • Families who negotiate with us on pricing: we strive to provide a high-quality of service experience for your family and find the right fit for your right one. Our price is reflective of our time and effort. We set our pricing very competitively, which is about 1/4 of what other traditional agencies charge. The right family understands our values.

If you are interested in engaging with us further, feel free to read up on our process HERE and schedule a consultation call and see if we may be of assistance. 

AyiConnect is a platform to connect families with helpers who have a language specialty in addition to care. You can post a free job to engage with them through self-service or use concierge service. For self-service, you can even join in the discussion. The concierge service can provide another option to ensure successful matches for busy families who don't have time to search or need language assistance. Schedule a free consultation here for our concierge service, or check us out at ayiconnection.com