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Looking for Mandarin part-time caregiver for elderly parents in the SF Bay Area, one with dementia 在三藩市湾区寻找普通话兼职护理员,其中一人患有痴呆症

I am looking for Mandarin-speaking caregiving to assist my elderly parents. My father is 89 and has moderate Alzheimers. Both only speak Mandarin at this point, I am an ABC. My mother is 82 and acting as a caregiver. I'm looking for the caregiving to work 2 times per week, 10 hours total. Duties: 1) take father to the doctor and accompany him into the doctor’s office to take simple instructions. Manage medical appointment scheduling, including buying medication and related responsibilities 2) buy and pick up meals from the Senior Center when needed 3) assist mother with, house cleaning, yard work 4) help my father to use iPhone 5) communicate and update the care manager (myself) Requirements for the part-time caretaker: 1) have a car to drive, and can lift a wheelchair in and out of the car 2) can use a cell phone to send text, pictures, and messages, to take pictures and forward through cell phone, can view iPhone messages, etc. 3) can provide physical support to Your father when he walks 4) can have flexibility with the hours when needed 我正在寻找会说普通话的护理人员来协助我父母。我父亲今年89岁,有中度老年痴呆症。目前两人都只会说普通话,我是ABC。 我的母亲是82岁像個护理人员。我希望护理人员每周工作2次,共10小时。 职责是 1)带父亲看病,陪同父亲进入医生办公室,接受简单的指导。管理医疗预约的安排,包括买药和相关的责任 2)在需要时,从老年中心购买和领取餐点 3)协助母亲处理,房屋清洁,院子工作 4)帮助父亲使用iPhone 5)与我沟通并提供最新信息 对兼职看护的要求。 1)有车可开,并能将轮椅抬入和抬出车内 2)能使用手机发送文字、图片和信息,能通过手机拍照和转发,能查看iPhone信息等。 3) 可以在父亲走路的时候提供身体支持 4) 需要时可以灵活安排工作时间

Job Type
Senior Care
Desired Living
$30 per Hour
7 day(s) per week
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