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5 Days / Week
$2300 / month
Looking for a nanny for more than a year old child (carrollton找阿姨照顾一岁多孩子)
Child Care in Carrollton, TX, USA
家里两个大人,近期在家办公,一个孩子,阿姨不需要做饭,不需要陪睡,一周工作5天,时间大概在8点到6点,照顾孩子和简单家务,立即需要。 Family consist of 2 adults, working at home and 1 child. Nanny d...
6 Days / Week
$150 / day
Looking for live in nanny for Dallas 休斯顿找住家阿姨
Child Care in Houston, TX, USA
【休斯顿找住家阿姨】找阿姨照顾1个月大宝宝,需晚上陪夜,做简单家务和清洁。一周工作6天,尽快开始。薪资:$3800-$4000。地址:休斯顿糖城。 [Looking for live in nanny for Dallas] Looking for a nanny t...
5 Days / Week
$2600 / month
Looking for someone to help asap 找人帮忙
Child Care in Allen, TX, USA
Hi we are looking for a help asap monday to friday 8 - 5pm. we are open to nanny or aupair. Someone who's good with kids and has been social distancing. 你好,我们正在寻求帮助,从星期一至星期五...
5 Days / Week
$13 / hour
Nanny job 保姆职位
Child Care in Dallas, TX, USA
I am looking for a nanny for my kids who are 8 and 10. My daughter is from China and I would like her to continue speaking Mandarin. I would need our nanny to be able to drive the kids around. Th...
5 Days / Week
$15 / hour
take care of little child, while playing and walking照顧小孩以及陪小孩玩/散步
Child Care in Sunnyvale, CA, USA
愛乾淨,工作時如果需要請戴口罩,願意和小孩有互動,上班時不玩手機以及看電視 should love cleanliness. If necessary, please wear a mask while working. Interact with my children. Don't use phone or ...
6 Days / Week
$2800 / month
Looking for Live-in Nanny for our son 找住家保姆
Child Care in Austin, TX, USA
Hello. We are looking for a live-in nanny for our son. We are hoping to find a good nanny for him starting in July when he will be just over two months. We live close to UT and can pick you up ...
5 Days / Week
$2000 / month
Live in Nanny for 18m Toddler 找照顾18个月宝宝的住家阿姨
Child Care in Sugar land, TX, USA
7 Days / Week
$150 / day
USA New York: start on June 01 美国纽约:6月1日上岗
Child Care in New York, NY, USA
美国纽约:6月1日上岗,一家四口,一周简单打扫下卫生,主要带满月小宝宝,照顾小婴儿的经验,,擅长做饭和煲汤.荤素搭配,薪资28000-32000/26天,已经在美国东部的 USA New york: start on June 01, a family ...
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