Now that you’ve come to the decision that your loved one needs care assistance, your next step is to research the types of care assistance so you can decide which one is right for your family’s particular circumstances. There are several options which may work, let’s examine two of them today as we talk about in-home care assistance and senior assisted living.

In-Home Care Assistance

In-Home Care Assistance is just as its name implies. You may hear some other call it “Companion Care”. With this type of service, someone regularly comes to your loved one’s home to help them with things like:

  • Transportation Services: Taking them shopping or on other errands.
  • Handyman Services: Helping fix minor things around the house and cutting the grass.
  • Custodial Care: Help with activities like bathing and dressing.
  • Adult Day Care: This can help your loved one stay socially active so they don’t feel so isolated.

This type of assistance is a great option if your loved one just needs a little help every now and then. They can stay in their own home and retain some feeling of independence.

There are both agencies and individual caregivers provide these types of services. You can find both options on ayiconnection.com.

Senior Assisted Living

Senior Assisted Living is special long-term housing which includes on-site personal support services. This type of assistance if an excellent choice if your loved one is not quite able to “age in place” (the in-home assistance option) but can still get around well enough to only need minimal support. An added bonus of senior assisted living is that your loved one will have many opportunities to interact with other residents which can help combat feelings of isolation and loneliness.

In-home care assistance and senior assistant living are both excellent senior care options. To decide which one is right for your loved one, it also depends on your loved one’s comfortability and insurance options.


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