logo AyiConnect Staff, Mar 19, 2021
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Thanks to our first cohorts of caregivers and their feedback, we are rolling out an online course to provide fundamental caregiving knowledge. If you are interested in sponsoring someone whether it is your current or future nanny, or just wanted to provide them with an opportunity, please complete the form here..

Why are we doing this?

After years in the caregiving market, we realize that caregiving is dear to our community to pay it forward. It also creates many job opportunities for people who are looking to provide for themselves or families. 

Many of our families are Asian American or other ethnicity of American families. Their expectations of the caregivers can be different given the environment. The barriers we have seen is due to the fundamental cultural and practicality differences in child care. We want to remove or reduce the barrier so these caregivers can not only provide families with what they need, but also become a trusted advisor in the household for a long term employment with equitable pay to improve their economic status.

In order to provide families with the better quality of care and let them have a peace of mind,we leveraged a couple American nanny association training and combined with our experience of the caregiving market to create this training. 

Our approach is systematic - we will start with a foundational training and then upskill them through different tracks of professions such as maternity care, at different points in their professions. 

What is the training? 

An educated nanny is a quality nanny. Being a nanny and being a regular household employee is different. Having the childcare knowledge is very important if you are to take care of a child at home. Being a nanny in the US has more you need to care about. We are tailoring this training to all of our Chinese speaking caregivers, using localized language to avoid misunderstandings. 

This training course not only provides basic childcare knowledge but also the knowledge about how they can become a better employee at a house, for nannies who are interested in caring for kids in the US.

Below are the topics we cover:

1. Nanny professions

  • Ethics and professionalism
  • Parents expectations
  • Routine and learning environment
  • Parents childcare philosophy and disciplines

2. Kids related knowledge

  • Safety and health
  • Nutrition
  • Physical and cognitive development
  • Emotional development
  • Language development

Our training format combines videos, theory, and tests in a virtual environment. By the end of the training, the nanny will need to pass a test in order to receive a certificate. For those who pass the test with flying color, we also will invite them to join our placement program, which will give them more opportunities to connect with a family.

Who are good candidates for this training

  1. A Chinese speaking caregiver that is looking to renew knowledge or upskill 
  2. A Chinese speaking caregiver who hasn’t had any experience with caring for others
  3. Families who want their caregivers to refresh their knowledge

If you are interested in sponsoring someone, you can sign them up with us here. Or you can let us know they are interested via wechat: ayiconnect, or email us at success@ayiconnection.com.